Essential Elements for Effective Ministry Leadership 101, 102 & 103

Do you desire to be a wise and effective Christian Minister and Leader?

Do you feel the need for insightful, practical how-to instruction to develop yourself into the leader God has called you to be?

NACM member, pastor and Christian Life Coach, Rev Ruth Easterling, has designed this unique online learning experience to help you realize and appropriate the essential elements to be an impacting leader in Christ, whatever ministry you are called to. This course utilizes John Maxwell’s book, Developing the Leader Within You, the DISC profile assessment tool, videos, readings, discussions and personalized coaching sessions to help you develop and strengthen your ministry vision and fulfill your calling.

Read the introductory webpage to the course here:

Once on that webpage, be sure to read through the COURSE DESCRIPTION; then click on TAKE COURSE when ready to register!

QUESTIONS:  reach NACM Member Minister & Coach RUTH EASTERLING here:

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