SoulCare 101: Ministering to Unsaintly Saints


SOULCARE 101: MINISTERING TO UNSAINTLY SAINTS.   Effectively responding to the difficult behaviors of those you minister to in order to help them truly transform in Christ.

Christians aren’t perfect!  It doesn’t take long into church involvement to discover that to be all too true!  Too often though, Christians, even ministers, excuse it as “just how people are” and just tolerate each other.  But that’s certainly not our heavenly Father’s will for us!  He is intent on moving us towards becoming more and more like His Son, our Savior, Jesus!  As Christian ministers in some form of leadership (pastors, teachers, elders, etc.), we are “called” to facilitate real transformation in God’s Children.  Often, though, we don’t know how.

Ever had to deal with an intimidating Bull, or a sly backstabbing Fox, a Know-It-All, a Whiner, a Yes-Man, a Procrastinator, or Time Bomb….and more….in your church or ministry!?  Has your response been to pray for them…that the Lord would lead them to that other church down the street!  : )

This unique training will equip you with biblical & Christ-like insights and practical techniques to turn those difficult behaviors into opportunities for real transformational ministry!  People – even “Saints” in Christ – with difficult behaviors didn’t get that way over night…and they need help – Christ’s help through you!  They need someone who can look beyond their faults, and see…and minister effectively to…their underlying, root needs that drive those difficult behaviors and help them face, address and overcome them.

This is a completely ONLINE self-paced course (no completion date: work around life & ministry involvements).  You get to interact with others taking the course for discussions, as well as your course instructor.

Tuition: $30.95 BUT NACM members get 20% off!)    No books or other materials are required for this course.


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