SoulCare 102: Helping People Address & Resolve Underlying Root Issues

SOULCARE 102: Helping People Address & Resolve Underlying Root Issues

As the sequel to SOULCARE 101: MINISTERING TO UNSAINTLY SAINTS, this SoulCare 102 course starts where the former left off, and equips the minister to effectively guide a person through the 7-Step biblical process of recovery from an identified root issue (that drives their difficult behaviors, as learned in SoulCare 101).

Learn how to effectively coach a person (a Christian, but applicable to helping non-Christians, too) to identify, address & resolve those underlying first-cause, root issues…and gain and keep the victory in Christ!  This is a 7 STEP biblical process that Jesus, The Healer of the Brokenhearted, modeled, and you can become proficient in ministering this same way as well!

This is a completely ONLINE SELF-PACED COURSE!  No textbooks to purchase.  Complete at your own pace.

TUITION:  $30.95  (NACM Members get 20% off:  type in NACMDISCOUNT in the discount code box when registering)


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When ready to register for the course, click on  TAKE  COURSE  on this introductory web page of the course.

NOTE: When registering, since you already took SoulCare 101, please use the SAME PASSWORD for registering for SoulCare 102 that you created for SoulCare 101 (or the chaplaincy course, if you did that course).  When it offers you a choice, choose: I HAVE AN ACCOUNT and use your already-created password to register.

YOU MUST TAKE SOULCARE 101 before taking SOULCARE 102, as the 2nd builds on the 1st.

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