The NACM Official Christian Chaplaincy Course

The NACM CHRISTIAN CHAPLAINCY COURSE is a thorough, practically equipping, inspiring and confirming preparation to be an effective volunteer or community chaplain (nursing home; jail; hospital volunteer; disaster; street; etc.).  It is also excellent training for any Christian or Christian minister, chaplain or not, who is led to minister to hurting people, whatever the cause or crisis.  As well, the NACM requires completion of the NACM Christian Chaplaincy course in order to obtain NACM chaplain licensing (which is renewable annually).


  • This is an online, self-paced course (no deadline).  Work around life & ministry involvements; return to the course as you are able.


  • 2 excellent textbooks are required (often used in Christian colleges/seminaries for chaplaincy training): Whit Woodard’s MINISTRY of PRESENCE; and H Norman Wright’s CRISIS & TRAUMA COUNSELING


  • The course is designed to be interactive with others taking the course, and your course instructor


  • TUITION: $59.95  [NACM members get a 20% discount: $47.96].  Type in the discount code box when registering:  NACMDISCOUNT (all caps/all one word)


  • NACM Ordained Ministers completing this course qualify for NACM Chaplain licensing (credentials)


  • This course can also be a step towards becoming a board-certified professional chaplain (based upon certifying board’s requirements, including CPE (*Clinical Pastoral Education: offered to NACM members thru Chaplain Ron Ringo of Eagles’ Wings CPE Training) and other requirements (such as required by WSHO, accredited certifying board for professional chaplains:




  • WHEN REGISTERING:  first read the COURSE DESCRIPTION section on chaplaincy course introductory webpage; when ready to take course, click on the words   TAKE  COURSE  on that webpage to start registration process


  • WHEN REGISTERING: it will ask you if you have an account (for the chaplaincy course) or not (this does NOT refer to your NACM website membership account): SO PLEASE CHOOSE – “I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT” and create a new account just for this course.


  • QUESTIONS or registration problems:  contact Chaplaincy Program Facilitator, Rev Rodger Niemeier below:


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