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    First Things First

    1) Every member should ready carefully our Fellowship Guidelines.  Their membership depends on it.  It is available here:


    2) It is essential to understand that we are in transition from an old platform.  If you have not yet read this welcome, please do so here:


    3) We have preserved a full archive of our fellowship over the last 10 years.  It is available here:


    4) Groups are the foundation of our fellowship on this new platform.  Groups fall into two categories:

    a) Project Local, which is intended to bring members together from their geographical locations; and

    b) Ministry Focus groups, which is intended to bring members together by means of shared interest in ministry.

    It will take time and posting from members to stir up activity in these areas.  We encourage all members to encourage conversation.

    Groups Kiosk

    5) The KnowledgeBase is another essential source of tutorials and information.  It is updated regularly with new how to articles regarding profiles, navigation, etc.  You are currently reading this page from the KnowledgeBase.

    6) Activity Streams are like Facebook walls.  There you can see streams of recent member activity.

    Activity Streams

    Next Step

    Know Our Fellowship Policy!

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