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    Domestic Violence Ministry Training for Christians and Christian Ministers

    Living in this Day & Time when many have drifted from faith in God and the Church (and with the addition of the pandemic), domestic violence has been on the increase – even, sadly, in Christian families.  Today’s wise Christian Minister needs to know how to effectively intervene in DV situations and minister to abuse victims.  This outstanding and thorough training is especially for Christians & Christian ministers, taught by expert Christian DV & abuse counselor (35+ yrs.), Dr Nancy Murphy, founder of Northwest Family Life Christian counseling group in Seattle, WA.  She has developed this training because she has a huge heart for ministers, and she knows that Christian ministers are who most DV victims first turn to for help.      Are you truly prepared !?

    A word from course creator and facilitator, DR NANCY MURPHY:

    MY OWN MINISTRY EXPERIENCE with DV – Rev & Mrs Rodger and Sarah Niemeier

    Rodger & Sarah (Kahaloa) Niemeier

    Ministering among Native People in the USA (specifically, Alaska and more so, the greater Seattle area in Washington State), for the last 40 plus years, we began to realize there was something holding many Christians back in their expected spiritual and emotional growth: and it wasn’t alcoholism, despite the widespread problem with it.  After listening to many share their Life Stories, I began to realize that past abuse – ranging from neglect, to verbal/emotional abuse, to physical (beatings) or sexual abuse – was a widespread common experience – and a root issue carrying detrimental effects into adulthood.  It is this realization that brought us in touch with Dr Nancy Murphy and her Northwest Family Life Counseling Center in Seattle, Washington.  Nancy actually grew up on a Canadian reserved, and her brother ministered among Native People on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.  So they knew past abuse was sadly a common denominator to the manifested problems of chemical dependency, depression, domestic violence, depression, divorce, and brokenness.  I discovered that this is often a secret issue even in some Christian families, well covered over and protected.  I also realized that I needed to better understand abuse, what creates perpetrators of it, and how to rightly help victims without causing more harm than good (and not bringing the REAL help that is needed!).

    So it’s with much hope and joy we can have Dr Murphy bringing this excellent training to us – and at such an affordable cost!  Frankly, we live in a society where DV is NOT rare anymore; and too often, it is going on in the homes of Christians, even church-attending Christians.  I’ve learned how important it is to learn how to RIGHTLY bring the kind of real help needed in DV situations: for it is very possible, as I know from my own experience, to actually, in our “ministering”, make matters worse – or not bring what is truly needed and so actually contribute to the continuation of abuse.

    My greatest teacher has been my wife, Sarah (Hawaiian): she is a survivor of nearly 30 years of abuse, by her alcoholic father, and a former husband worse than her father – and today is a Domestic Violence Advocate for women victims.



    This is an ONLINE, SELF-PACED (no deadlines) COURSE; no textbooks are needed.

      • though this is a graduate level counseling course of academic quality, it is easy to comprehend and participate in whatever your educational background.
      • NACM Members’ tuition discount: just $37 !  (instead of the usual tuition of $299.99)


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