New Orientation 9

Use of Titles

6) The NACM is an interdenominational organization. For this reason we will have a diversity of Christian religious backgrounds bearing a variety of ministerial titles (Dr., Pastor, Prophet, Apostle, etc.). These titles are permitted within our network, however, it must be understood that these titles are not appointed by the National Association of Christian Ministers. 

We would like to make it clear that the NACM officially recognizes only the titles: Ordained Minister, and any title that may be granted to its leadership (such as Elder, Minister unto ___ Admin., Director, etc.). If someone has chosen to call themselves by a title other than these, it is by their free decision to do so, and not by any official assignment by the NACM. 

Additionally, no member may call themselves “Elder, Special Minister, or Administrator” within our network, unless they have been appointed to this position by our organization. This is so that our membership will be able to clearly identify our leadership.

Solicitation and Promotion (of self, similar ministries, products)

7) No one may use the network as a means by which to solicit the giving of money or materials of any type for themselves; or any other cause –MEANING members may not use this network to ask other members to give them money and/or donations of any kind, materials, etc.

The ministry of the NACM is to license, equip and network ministers. We have chosen not to receive donations, and expect that our membership can feel safe from the potentiality of scams. If a person is in need of financial assistance, they should seek the help of their “local churches”, and or other local charities.

We are a fellowship of ministers.  It follows that we ALL have ministries, charities, and causes to support, and or know individuals needing financial support. However, if all of us were to use this fellowship to solicit support for those causes, we would no longer be a fellowship!

If you joined our organization with any intention of outside promotions, you should request that your account be deleted now!

8) Outside Membership Promotions

The fellowship shall not be a place by which to solicit membership into anything not pertaining directly to our organization, or a partner organization which has been approved by our Exec. Elders.


This is an area of some confusion because there is a right and wrong way to do just about anything. For this reason we will attempt to provide a few examples and definitions of terms in an attempt to demonstrate the differences between appropriate and inappropriate promotions.

We define ‘networking’ as:  A goal that begins with one person, who then uses their personal rapport with another to gain a mutually shared goal. This pattern is then repeated until the goal is achieved.

One important factor that identifies this as ‘networking’ is the use of interpersonal influence gained through personal relationships.  Networking is not accomplished by sending mass emails of spam hoping that someone will discover a value for whatever it is being offered.

9) No member should send emails or make postings for the promotion of anything that is of similar offerings to that the NACM (ordination ministries, Christian Discussion boards, Biblical training programs of similarity to our Mentor Program, etc.).  This is a conflict of interest and has caused members to become confused about NACM programs in times past.

 Spirit of this guideline:

The key word here is “promotion”. It is quite fine to say that you attended a school or was ordained at a local church. We are prohibiting solicitation.

The above rule 8 is the rule is rarely broken, but more often than the others.  It is an unfortunate truth that we have had to even dismiss Elders from membership for ignoring this rule.  Please be advised that we have no tolerance for members who disregard the warnings of this policy.

Photo and Image Posting Guidelines.

10. Posting of images (photos or graphic images) within the NACM network should be done with thoughtful consideration as to the appropriateness and or edifying nature of the images.

The posting of ministry-related images within the NACM is encouraged. Images of a personal nature are permitted with deference to and with the understanding that the NACM is an online Christian ministry fellowship. Images that could reasonably be perceived as divisive or inappropriate are prohibited, including but not limited to ‘selfie’ type images that may be perceived as suggestive or alluring, as well as politically focused images, and or those for which the member does not have the proper permissions of copyright.

If an image is deemed inappropriate by an NACM Administrator, that image may be removed immediately, or you may be contacted with instructions to remove the image yourself. If an image that you posted is no longer visible, you can assume that image has been deemed inappropriate and removed.

“I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.” (Acts 24:16).

In good conscience with God and myself, I have read and understand this information. 

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