Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Welcome to the National Association of Christian Ministers

Application Received!  Here is the least you need to know. 

Your application for membership has been received and is being reviewed by an elder.  Until it is approved you will have limited access to the fellowship and resources of our network. 

  • Your application is for consideration of membership.  It is NOT an application for Ordination or a Charter for Ministry.  Those are separate applications for those who are members of our fellowship of ministers.  We are not a “diploma mill” which simply passes out credentials just because someone is willing to pay!

My name is Seymour Helps.  I am the virtual mascot of our support system here at the National Association of Christian Ministers.  I will be showing you around, and serving as a wealthy source of information.  Whenever you see me, there is likely to be a tip, or tutorial nearby.

From here, it is a good idea to go ahead and begin our new member orientation.  This way, you will be up to speed when your request for membership is approved.

All Members Must Undergo this Orientation

in Order to Apply for Ordination. 

It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

This Member Orientation Will Cover

  1. An overview of the background, establishment, history and progress of the National Association of Christian Ministers
  2. Our vision, purpose, and mission
  3. An overview of the policies which keep and maintain our organization 
  4. The process of applying for ordination


The NACM is an important part of the ministerial body of Christ; providing ordination and ministerial licensing, accountability, mentorship, training, networking, resources, encouragement and opportunities to gain ministerial experience.


Our community is the foundation of all these things. For this reason, we hold our members as the greatest asset of our organization, and uphold a firm policy to protect their participation. Most of our members find this as a “breath of fresh air.” This page provides an overview of a few things that you need to know at the very least.

“I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.” (Acts 24:16).

In good conscience with God and myself, I have read and understand this information.

Your Progress 25%