*What is a Church Charter or Ministry Charter?

A church or ministry charter is simply a recognition of one spiritual body by another spiritual body. 
The easiest way to understand it is with this comparison:
A charter is to a ministry like ordination is to a minister.  In other words a charter is the ordination of a ministry
It is the recognition that another or overseeing body of believers validate that there is a spiritual need that the recognized ministry in providing for humanity in the name of Jesus. 
The charter says to the public that the church or ministry(s):
1) Existence is validated by another group of believers, and
2) The leadership of said church or ministry voluntarily submits to the accountability of the NACM Exec. Elders, should we be notified of complaints about the said church or ministry.  By this the ministry can demonstrate that they are under a spiritual covering of accountability by an association of Elders.

Tax or Filing Benefits

There are no tax benefits, financial privileges, or exemptions for holding a chartered status.


Role of the Ministerial Fellowship

The NACM is not a denomination.  All ministries/churches chartered by NACM are independent to operate by the leading of the Holy Spirit unto the leadership of said ministries.  However, these ministries voluntarily subject themselves to the ethical standards of the NACM in order to maintain their chartered status.

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