NACM Legal Existence

The National Association of Christian Ministers was founded by Michael Mooney who continues to serve as president. Not long thereafter, Rodger Niemeier became our Vice President who continues to serve in his role. Many members surrounded our vision from the start and continue to contribute to our ministry today.

On March 26th, 2009, it was formally acknowledged as a legal entity in the State of South Carolina by Secretary of State Mark Hammond. The NACM continues this status.

Further, it was formally recognized by the Federal Government of the United States as a legally filed Service Mark and continues in this status. Since that time God has continued to show great favor for the vision and members of our organization.

National Association of Christian Ministers Established 03-26-2009 National Association of Christian Ministers “Church” 09-26-2018 National Association of Christian Ministers Service Mark 06-15-2010

Since March of 2009, the NACM has grown to more than 28,000 members.  As you can imagine, the blessings of this number has caused unforeseen technical obstacles to providing a stable web server to support the activities and communications of our fellowship. 

This is a reminder of when Jesus told the disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat.  They caught so many fish that the boat could not contain them. (John 21:6).

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